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Kick Mats, Car Kick Mats with Organizer - Premium Thick Waterproof Quality Seat Back Protectors - Extra Long Size with Adjustable Straps - Car Seat Back Protectors


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  • QUAILTY PRODUCT: AutoMuko Car Kick Mats are manufactured from premium quality materials with durable thickness and high water resistance. They are sturdy and offer 1 year guarantee.
  • TOTAL PROTECTION: AutoMuko Car kick mats effectively protect the back of your front car seats from kick stains, shoe prints and liquid spills. This helps you to maintain the neatness of your car seat completely.
  • VERSATILE USABILITY: Each AutoMuko Car kick mat has useful organizer pockets for storing your personal items like books, pens, journals etc. This allows you to keep your car seat free and tidy at all times.
  • EASY TO SETUP: Each Car kick mat has 2 adjustable straps and buckles for attaching to the headrest and bottom back position of the car seat. These straps are foolproof and extremely easy to use.
  • EXTENSIVELY LARGE SIZE: With a size specification that covers and protects the seat of your car or SUV completely, Automuko car kick mats are guaranteed to provide the much needed functionality while in use. Width=18.1inches, Height=25 inches.